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website-traffic-guideThere are many reasons for buying website traffic, such as kickstarting a new site, boosting an old one, promoting an affiliate product or service, increasing your visitor numbers for site flipping, or selling advertising space, etc, but there are some important things to consider first before placing an order. Here are our top points to follow as a guide when paying for visitors.

In no particular order of importance, as they are ALL relevant…

– Targeted traffic is only as good as the category you target: Seems simple, but most buyers get this wrong. They pick the “obvious” category for their niche without realizing it’s not always the best choice. For example, did you know that online diet products are most often purchased by white men over 50 years old? Therefore, it’s more effective to place a weight loss ad in a category that is frequented by that specific demographic (ex. news, politics) than it is to be competing in the actual diet category full of your competitors ads. You should thoroughly research your niche audience to properly identify where your site should be placed before your campaign is created.

– Take control of your campaign: It amazes our staff to no end how many buyers place an order and then totally forget about it. You need to manage your campaign properly! Don’t assume everything will just run itself. Further to the first point above, you need to change categories if you aren’t getting good results from your first choice. Maybe you aren’t in the right one for your content and need to try something different. Depending on your purchased traffic package, we suggest changing categories every 5000 visits to test the response, as some will naturally be a better fit than others.

We do NOT run your campaigns for you! We give you a login where you can check stats and adjust or edit the parameters according to your own needs, including the category and daily visitor amount. Everyone’s needs are different, so you must set yours by your own preference, instead of just leaving it at the default setting. Be active to be successful!!

– Optimize your site for paid traffic! This is extremely important when paying for visitors, as not every website works well with this kind of traffic. While we do not use PTC’s, nor do we pay our visitors to view your site, you should still optimize your site the same as if you were getting paid visitors. That’s because the visitor is redirected to your site from one of ours and you have less than 5 seconds to grab their attention and make them want to explore your site further or they will leave.

Do NOT send them to a site loaded with links or a “banner farm”, as those lost their effectiveness back in 1999. Create a simple, visually appealing squeeze page with a small amount of easy to read text and a specific “call to action” (form, discount, special, etc), so that they know EXACTLY what your site is about right away. Don’t use a personal blog or anything that looks too busy and unorganized. If your main site has too much going on, then simply create a landing page optimized just for this traffic and add that to your site to use for your campaign.

– We are NOT an SEO company! This is redirected traffic, not organic search engine visitors. One of the reasons people buy website traffic is because they aren’t doing well in the search results (SERP) already, but ProExpertsTraffic is meant as an alternative, NOT a substitute for good SEO. Obviously, search traffic is the best kind to have, as they are free visitors LOOKING for your site or product through search keywords, and you should optimize your site with an effective, long term, search engine optimization strategy as part of your overall marketing and promotion work.

We don’t do that for you; we only provide a way for you to easily get traffic when you are not already getting enough visitors through your other promotional efforts.

– Maintain reasonable expectations: Too many buyers purchase the smallest campaign of only 1000 visits and then expect miracles to happen. They somehow think they’ll get 10 sales of a $100 product off just a few visits, so they’ll earn $1000 off an investment of less than 5 bucks. That would be great, wouldn’t it? The reality is that small campaigns should only be used to test results of your landing page effectiveness before scaling it up to a “real” campaign. Any sales that you may get, however unlikely, should be seen as a lucky bonus and not to be expected. Small amounts can also be used just to make a “dead” site look busy for other reasons, but NOT to sell anything.

It’s also no longer the heyday of the early internet when you could sell something simply by throwing up a banner anywhere. These days it’s MUCH harder to compete with everyone trying to make a few bucks online, so you really have to properly research your niche and optimize everything before starting. Big sites still make money because they get huge numbers of traffic daily, but it really is a numbers game these days. Research, test and scale your efforts!

Also, you should expect your bounce rate to be high with this kind of traffic since it’s not organic. Don’t panic, as it won’t affect your ranking anywhere, as it is not measured by rank sites. Your concern should be to fully take advantage of those who DO stay on your site, and not worry about those who have left your control. For example, getting even just ONE opt-in per 1000 visits would give you 100 leads for a 100k traffic package. Those are people you can market your products to many times over as part of your email promotions, earning you a nice profit in the long term. Look at the overall picture to decide what is the best decision to make.

– Monetize your content correctly: This would apply for any traffic source, but it’s worth repeating here. Don’t put women’s fashion ads on a site targeting a male audience, as you will not get good results. Also, don’t use low paying pay-per-click ads on your site, as it gives a lousy ROI, since the few pennies you earn from the few clicks you might get will not cover the cost of your campaign, unless you are in a very high paying niche. In general, you should use something that will pay you a decent profit for your efforts. We suggest testing different monetization methods until you find one that is the best fit for your content and visiting audience.

Think smart and use a good overall strategy to succeed.

All the best to you!


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