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Any smart internet marketer knows the value of a good mailing list to use for promoting their products and services. Our lists contain 1000's of opt-in email addresses from people looking to learn more about content in their chosen category. These are NOT crappy spammer lists that have been scrapped from some database! These are genuine quality leads looking for information.

Also, we understand that most people do not have the resources to send out 1000's of e-mails at one time (many hosts only allow 500 per hour), so we have it set up that you can send out your marketing message directly from our server! We give you the login details to access our mailing service and then you simply send your pitch right to our triple opt-in leads directly from our control panel! It's similar to paying just a one time rental fee to use our email services. No more hassles with your host! We make it easy for you!

QUALITY EMAIL MARKETING LEADS FOR YOU! As with every service we offer for marketers, it's all about the targeting and that's what makes the difference! When you place an order you can choose the EXACT niche category AND country you wish to target! Want 25,000 leads from the U.S. who are interested in shopping? No problem! We got you covered!! Send them a message! For USA leads you can even choose the state or time zone! (25k MAX)

Remember, you are buying high-quality PREMIUM OPT-IN TARGETED EMAIL LEADS for the best possible conversion rates for your E-mail marketing campaigns! Don't waste your money on poor-quality bulk lists that have been spammed to death...our email leads are FRESH and newly created each week from brand new contact info and each list is filtered and cleaned of duplicate addresses before being sold. Please note that no filtering system is 100% perfect (ie. one individual may use 2 different business addresses, but we have no way of knowing that), so there will always be a handful of duplicates. However, we use 3 levels of filtering to ensure the highest possible percentage of uniques.


Send To 25,000 Opt-In Targeted Email Addresses -

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Send To 50,000 Opt-In Targeted Email Addresses -

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Save more when buying in bulk up to 100k (only 99cents per 1000!)
We now also have a "Quick Message" option that sends to a small 400-500 group of money making opportunity seekers that does not include a control panel (MMO category will be used regardless of what is chosen in the menu). We do it for you!

(Numbers shown in brackets are amount of addresses available)

Amount Of Emails
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(Please understand our email campaign terms here before purchasing.)

Enter your chosen targeting information in the correct fields above according to the country/category options you prefer in the dropdown menus shown. Also, enter the name and email you would like used in the "From" section of your message. Do not click the "Buy Now" button until you have entered your choices correctly! If you are filtering by U.S. state or time zone please also enter that info in the "note to seller" box as well.

* Prices quoted are for sending ONE message from our servers to the total number of emails "rented" by you once. Because of recent privacy laws we no longer sell the individual lists and ONLY provide the service for sending a message to those people on our lists who haved opted in to have email messages sent to them. For niches we recommend renting our service using the above "Buy Now" options.

Contact us for a price quote according to how many emails you require, if more than listed above:

order (at) proexpertstraffic.com (or use the link to our form at the top of the page)

We look forward to helping your business succeed!


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