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Buy Website Traffic - Targeted Website Traffic - FAQ

What is a CPM?

A CPM stands for cost per thousand.  The M is the roman numeral for one thousand.  For instance, targeted traffic being $2.00 a CPM really means that you get 1,000 visitors for $2.00 (when purchased in bulk).

Why should I purchase from ProExpertsTraffic.com?

We send quality TARGETED traffic at the most competitive rates possible with friendly service and absolutely no hidden fees.  Your campaign will go live within 48 hours, but in most cases, much faster.  

Is your traffic unique?

Yes, the targeted website traffic that we deliver is 24 hour unique visitors (UV's).

What is the your source?

Our traffic is sent to you by way of a mixture of pop-unders, domain redirection and sometimes interstitials in relevant categories. This is the best kind of visitor to have to your site, and it's important to understand why. When you choose a target category, for example, jewelry, your own website will be shown to relevant visitors in that category. In other words, someone LOOKING for a necklace or other product in your chosen category will see YOUR site to make a purchase instead! Because of this the conversion rate is much higher than with traditional PTC/TE's or other less effective sources. The visitors themselves are REAL PEOPLE using various OS, desktop computers, laptops, smartphone mobile users (Android, iPhone, etc), and more.

Do you offer stats or any kind of controls with my campaign?

Yes, you will get a control panel (cpanel) to show you the stats of your campaign and where you can set a daily traffic cap. You will be sent your personal login information within 24-48 hours of payment.

How can I make my campaign more effective?

Optimize your site to make it load quickly or design a page that not only loads quickly, but makes use of things such as special offers, good color schemes, etc.  Anything that may appeal to your target audience. (learn more at our traffic buying guide here)

I've just ordered, when will my campaign start?

Your campaign will go live within 48 hours, (Monday-Friday) but in most cases, much quicker.

How long will my campaign run?

It depends on the number of visitors that you order and what you set as your daily visitor limit.  All traffic purchased will be delivered as early as 1 day for small orders or as long as 1 month or more on very large ones. Please keep in mind that not all niches get the same amount of daily visitors, as some are more popular than others, so you may get less per day than what you set as your limit. However, you will still get your total order, but it will take longer in those cases. You can pause the campaign any time and then unfreeze it to resume again. (You should take advantage of the limit/freeze control options if you are using shared hosting, as a sudden burst of traffic may exceed your resources allowed)

IMPORTANT! Please keep in mind that some niche categories get way more traffic than others and your own rate of receiving visitors WILL reflect this reality. For example, world wide "entertainment" traffic is always readily available and can be delivered right away, whereas traffic from a small niche like "debt consolidation" from Australia is more rare and, therefore, may take longer to deliver with some days even being lower than your limit count for the day, if very few people from that country are looking for that category of information from us at that time. For this reason, we recommend AGAINST placing large orders for smaller niches and, instead, suggest ordering a low amount (under 50k for the month) to test your results first.

What if my server goes down?

We can't be held liable in these cases.  Please be sure that your server can handle the actual number of visits before purchasing.  However, in the occurrence of a server outage or some other foreseeable problem, you can always just put your campaign on pause until the problem is fixed. 

Will I make more sales?

This is dependant on factors such as your site's sales copy, design, load time, color scheme, and overall presentation, but we have found that geo targeted website traffic from a category in your actual niche will convert much better than any random hits.

Is this Adsense safe traffic?

We have NEVER had a problem or complaint with regard to any ad services, as your own site is still shown as the referrer. However, it is not our responsibility for any risk you may take, so if you are unsure at all, then we suggest not placing an order with us.

Why does my hit counter not match up with your stats?

There are many reasons that a visitor will not register with your server.

* A user cancels out the window before your site loads
* The user is on a slow connection and the request times out
* The user is behind an ISP with a proxy ex. AOL
* The user's browser served the request from cache instead of from your server
* The visitor did not have JavaScript enabled in their browser, making it very difficult for ANY analytics service to track their visit
* Your site was unavailable at the time of request
* Your tracking software could not handle concurrent connections  

  Note: It is quite common for ALL third party stat counters to differ from each other as much as 20% or more because of all these various factors. We recommend against using Google-analytics, as it does not track domain redirects very well because of the frame used to filter by target. Instead, we suggest you use Awstats from your server as it is much more accurate. It will also show our visit tracker as the referring site.

Please refer to the Terms of Service page for details on the rules and what is not allowed to run on our network. Thank you!