Youtube Views Terms:

Please read and understand the following points before ordering to ensure you know what service you are buying:

- All orders are processed within 24-72 hours (longer on weekends). However, Youtube's own counter does not update in real time and can take another 24 hours to reflect the views increase, so please allow 3-5 days to see any view count results.

- Unlike most of our other traffic services, the Youtube views service does NOT currently come with a control panel to view stats, as it is not needed since every Youtube video page includes a counter and their own analytics. We may, however, offer one in the future and will update our service at that time.

- We are NOT responsible if your video is flagged or removed when using our service, as this is a risk you assume when using any paid traffic service. You are ordering this service knowing that after the last Youtube update, that youtube might audit the number of views of the submitted video(s), and you fully understand the risks involved and are willing to take them. Further, videos with overlay ads trigger an additional Adsense audit and should NOT be used with this service. You give consent to never hold responsible if this audit leads to a removal of views, the video(s) or account.

- For best results you should use a newly uploaded video, but one that already has at least 301 views, as Youtube freezes new videos at 300 views to audit where the traffic comes from and then are less strict after that.

- Our service cannot be used with ANY videos related to hacking, cracking, codes, warez, adult material or anything that would be against Youtube's own Terms of Service (TOS).

- Our tips and secret method bonus text is provided free as part of your order and should not be seen as a guarantee of any kind. It is provided "as is" and attached to our response to your order payment. Please contact us if we forget to add it to your order!

IMPORTANT!! The most important thing to understand is that the chances are VERY high that your video or account could be suspended for artificially inflating your view count, as they are very strict with monitoring that behavior, so we suggest strongly to only use on a new video with the expectation of only possibly doing well for a short time. Still, a well placed product or affiliate video can bring in a good amount of sales, interest, signups, etc, in only a few days, so even if yours is removed in a week or two, then it should still be seen as a success. Look at this as a short term money maker, and not a long term marketing strategy!