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buy alexa traffic to improve your rankIs your website not ranking as well as you would like it to be in Alexa? Would you like to improve your Alexa rank soon? Well, now you can do it the easy way!

Our Alexa traffic packages are filtered to only send visitors who have the Alexa toolbar installed on their computer, which counts toward your overall score. While other factors do come into play when calculating your ranking score, the toolbar is commonly considered to be the most important. We also recommend that you have the Alexa widget placed on your site as well because that tends to make it even more effective when combined with our traffic visits. Further, we also offer geo-targeting by country at no extra charge!

Note: Please be reasonable with your expectations. A small campaign of less than 5000 visitors will NOT suddenly increase you to a better rank overnight! The larger sites that are under 100k get several 1000 visitors PER DAY! Plan your strategy according to where you think your own site should be.

* Choose a package below along with your prefered target country. The daily visitor limit can be set by you anytime through the control panel we provide (TIP: pick an amount that would be a normal and natural progression as your website grows and then increase it over time for a long term strategy).

Your site cannot have autoplay sound, pop up/under ads or framebreakers!

Buy Alexa Traffic for as low as only $2.60 USD per 1000!

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* Prices are higher than our normal targeted traffic here because of the extra filtering by toolbar involved. Thank you for understanding!

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